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Providing Hydraulic Oil Filtration Expertise Since 1993

In 1993 Harvard Filtration became an authorized distributor for Harvard Brand Filtration Products. Over the years, the broad range of Depth Media filters was well received in the industries that we serve. The Patented Harvard brand filter removes contaminants from lubricants and water glycol. Compared to other hydraulic oil filtration methods, the Harvard filters are very cost-effective due to the high contaminate holding capacity. Harvard Filtration has portable oil filtration systems as well as permanent mount stationary systems. Our personnel with years of experience are able to advise and assist with the design of the correct solution to any filtration problem.

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Our product categories include Hydraulic Filter Carts, Hydraulic Replacement Filters, and Hydraulic Oil filtration systems. Click to view more product lists.

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Featured Products

The featured products at Harvard Filtration represent the best-selling products in their respective categories. Here you can purchase portable hydraulic filtration systems, well-mounted systems, Spin-On Elements, 1200H Canisters, and other hydraulic filtration products.

About Harvard Filtration

We strive to deliver world-class filters and hydraulic filtration systems to serve the diverse industrial need for constant contamination control solutions.

With a broad range of oil filtration systems, Harvard Filtration offers what it takes to meet your industrial filtration needs. Harvard filtration products effectively remove water and other contaminants and increase the service life and efficiency of your oil components and equipment.

Use the right oil purification systems in order to extend the performance and service life of your equipment. Explore the unique properties of our filtration systems.

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We provide our readers with exclusive trends, insights and tips.

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Find out more about the Harvard Filtration products.

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