Harvard Filtration

We strive to deliver world-class filters and filtration systems to serve the diverse industrial need for constant contamination control solutions.

With a broad range of oil filtration systems, Harvard Filtration offers what it takes to meet your industrial filtration needs. Harvard filtration products effectively remove water and other contaminants and increase the service life and efficiency of your oil components and equipment.

Use the right oil purification systems in order to extend the performance and service life of your equipment. Explore the unique properties of our filtration systems.

Harvard filtration systems and filter carts are the most trusted and dependable portable filtration systems. Compatible with a broad assortment of petroleum-based and synthetic fluids, our filter carts can remove contaminants and water to a single micron ensuring decreased hazardous waste disposal with increased fluid and equipment life.

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Harvard Filtration

The prime function of an oil filtration system is to remove destructive contaminants within a machine. Harvard oil filtration systems have been an integral part of equipment within a broad range of industries including manufacturing, mining, power generation, machine shops and more. Select our filters and filtration systems to experience high performance combined with dependable and long lasting service life of of your equipment.