Benefits Of Using Portable Harvard Filtration Systems

October 11, 2019

The use of fluid or oil filtration systems in factories and manufacturing plants has increased exceptionally over the past few decades. This happened due to good reasons as well. Lubrication oil and other synthetic fluids used to operate the machinery are very costly. This is why portable filtration systems became a top-selling product amongst the manufacturing plants in particular. Rather than wasting the old fluids and buying new ones every now and then, factories now use portable filtration systems that save a lot of money and raise the quality of the machinesā€™ performance, without needing to have a third party involved. The new portable Harvard filtration systems provide great utility since they are compact in size and filter oil to a great extent. These filtration systems are very economic when compared to alternative filtration systems that require dedicated space and expert users for their administration. There are a number of aspects that make this product a must-have for the factories that deal with lubricants and machine fluids regularly. This blog is dedicated to informing you about the 8 basic benefits of using a portable Harvard filtration system.

Filters Contaminants To A Single Micron

Harvard filtration systems do their job very efficiently. Their filtration process consists of the technical and thorough fluid cleaning process. This process makes sure that the old fluid can still be used after filtration giving them a long life and maximum usability. Contaminants are extracted from the fluid until it achieves single micron quality to the fluids so they can minimize wear and tear while lubricating the machines for maximum productivity.

Glycol and Water Removal

Water vapors appear when the lubricating fluids undergo immense heat and pressure. These vapors actually undermine the fluidā€™s performance since they act as air pockets in the fluid body. These air pockets become a risk factor for the machine overall. Glycol is used as a coolant in the machines to minimize their heat production while they are working. Having outdated glycol running in the machines also poses a threat to the machinesā€™ performance and overall life. This filtration system makes sure that all the impurities are removed after the filtration process.

Easy To Move In Multiple Sites

Portable Harvard Filtration systems are small in size and are made to be used as mobile systems. This creates the much-needed ease for the staff, to operate this filtration system in various sites. It can also be used as a dedicated machine system. Since there is no restriction to its use and the overall user-friendly design makes it by far the best filtration system out there.

Improves Fluid Performance And Service Life

When old oil is filtered, almost all the impurities are removed from it. This makes the oil ready for use again. After the oil is analyzed it is reused in the machine. This automatically makes sure that its life is enhanced and the performance of the machine remains up to the mark.

Minimizes Hazardous Waste

Harvard Filtration systems are equipped with waste collectors. Its function is to store the hazardous waste which is present in the fluids in a separate compartment. This compartment can then be easily removed and cleaned while the people using it remain safe and the process becomes user-friendly.

Can Be Customized

Portable filtration systems made by Harvard can be completely customized. There are a number of fine details in their design which can be equipped with extra accessories to raise their utility and provide ease of use to the staff. Such features can allow manufacturing plants to get their desired settings installed which makes the product more useful.

Easy To Use By Staff

The most exciting feature of this portable oil filtration system is the ease of use. There is no need to get extensive technical training or expensive certifications to use it. In fact, the purpose of this system is to provide instant access to filter the machine lubricants before they can be reused.


There are many filtration systems available in the market. The ones with high utility are often having very high prices. This is where Harvard portable oil filtration systems lead the market. Simply because they are compact, economic but pack a great utility in terms of its overall performance and the quality of filtration they provide. Harvard Filtration Systems are one of the leading industrial oil and lubrication filtration systems on the market. Visit our website to view a full list of products we offer or call us directly and get instant information regarding any inquiries you may have.

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