Oil Filtration System: Boosting Efficiency and Clean Operations

April 15, 2022

Choosing the right oil filtration system is one of the basic steps to achieve smooth machinery operation. If your filters are not in the right working condition, chances are they won’t filter the lubricants properly. This will impact your machines negatively. Investing in quality oil filtration systems is essential for your business and neglecting it is one of the reasons that cost companies billions of dollars in losses. Many people relevant to the lubrication business often ask how to select the best oil filtration system. A healthy hydraulic filtration system can help you analyze the oil’s condition and decide whether it needs changing or not. There is no one straight answer to choosing the right oil filtration system as it depends on the type of usage and the purpose for which you will be using the oil filtration system. However, there are some general factors that might help you choose the right oil filtration system. Continue reading this blog to find out what those are. Must read: Hydraulic Oil Filtration Systems

Flow Rate

One of the main factors you must consider while choosing an oil filtration system is its flow rate. But what is the flow rate of an oil filtration system? A flow rate is defined as the amount of oil that passes through a filter in a given period of time. It is also related to a system that removes dissolved furnish content from oil and should cycle the entire reservoir volume more than once per day. This is required to efficiently clean the oil. However, some varnish removal systems take 30 to 60 days. Therefore, the flow rate must be higher to deliver a sufficient amount of oil whenever you need it. You must not be persuaded to buy a system that is a few thousand dollars on account of a lower flow rate. Always consider your needs and then buy an oil filtration system that can provide you with the right flow rate. Also know about Hydraulic Fluid And Its Properties

Consider The Varnish Removal Technology

Different varnish removal technologies are available for oil filtration systems. Such technologies are divided into two main categories: particulate removal filters and dissolved breakdown product removal technologies. One year from mobile technology can help remove dissolved oxidation products and convert the oil to an unsaturated state.

The Filter Media

The filter media is another important factor to consider when choosing an oil filtration system. The filter media is the material inside a filter that is used to capture contaminants and prevent those contaminants from getting inside the machine. A filter medium consists of microscopic cellulose fibers with synthetic fibers such as glass or polyester. These fibers increase filtering efficiency and durability. Moreover, it is also saturated with resin to give it strength and stiffness. While choosing an oil filtration system, make sure to choose the right filter with the right filter media as higher-grade filters may have more synthetic fibers.

Dirt Holding Capacity

Dirt holding capacity is defined as the amount of contamination that a filter can hold before it becomes ineffective. You must know that the efficiency and dirt holding capacity are interrelated, and better efficiency is obtained when a filter has more capacity. It is also an indicator of a filter’s service life. An oil filtration system with a better dirt holding capacity will continue performing operations for a longer period of time.

Insoluble vs. Soluble Varnish Content

Another important factor to consider is whether the system is capable of removing soluble and insoluble content from the oil or not. Soluble varnish content damages the machine more than insoluble varnish content. Most varnish removal units only remove insoluble varnish content. Therefore, when selecting an oil filtration system make sure that it is able to remove both soluble and insoluble varnish content, so your machine remains safe.

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