Common FAQs About Oil Filtration Systems

June 2, 2022

Common FAQs About Oil Filtration Systems This is the ultimate Common FAQs About Oil Filtration Systems covering all oil filtration information. This guide has it all, from the basic definition, working principle, components, function, and specification to features and other critical aspects of the oil filtration system. So if you want to become an expert in oil filtration or just have some queries about oil filters, then this guide is for you. Keep on reading, and you will find answers to all your oil filtration queries.

What Is An Oil Filter?

An oil filter is a mechanical component used to filter contaminants and eliminate dirt and fuel that fails to burn from circulating. When you use a high-quality oil filter in your machine, it makes sure that fresh oil circulates in the engine and blocks all the contaminants from entering your equipment’s system. Hence it is essential to clean or replace it after some time. You can typically find it on an equipment’s hydraulic system like on the automatic transmission or the power steering pump of a bulldozer. Heavy mining equipment also uses oil filters to keep their systems free from contaminants and dirt. In short, all industrial and commercial equipment use a high-quality oil filter to purify their oil by eliminating all the contaminants. Also Read: How To Choose An Oil Filtration System

What Are The Benefits Of An Oil Filtration System?

Here are some of the benefits of using an oil filtration system:

Extends The Lifespan Of The Engine

The engine of your heavy equipment requires clean oil to circulate in the system to increase its efficiency. A high-quality oil filtration system will stop all the contaminants and dirt from reaching the internal parts of your industrial equipment’s engine, increasing the lifespan and power of your engine.

It Protects The Engine From Oil Oxidation

The oil in your heavy equipment will oxidize no matter how suitable or unsuitable the conditions are. Oil oxidation adds more contaminants to the oil, and it lowers the efficiency of your equipment. This is where an oil filtration system comes into play, as when the oil oxidizes it will prevent all the contamination from reaching the engine of your equipment. It also helps prevent the motor from receiving any damage.

Prevents The Engine From Overheating

If you use low-quality oil, then it will eventually overheat your engine. When contaminants build up in the oil, it starts to wear out the engine and prevents heat conductivity. You have a proper oil filtration system in place, it assists in keeping all the components of the engine in good condition by ensuring their timely lubrication. When the oil of your engine is contaminant free, it ultimately prevents it from overheating.

What Are The Different Types Of Oil Filters?

Here are some different types of oil filters:

Magnetic Oil Filters

Magnetic oil filters are secondary oil filters used to provide additional support to full-flow oil filters. As the name suggests, it is suitable for eliminating all the metallic impurities from the oil of your equipment. However, keep in mind that metallic oil filters can not be used to remove dust and grime.

Full-Flow Oil Filters

Full-flow oil filters are the most common type of oil filter. They are also known as primary oil filters. It works by eliminating all the contamination from the oil that the engine uses. Also, the full-flow oil filters are suitable for colder temperatures, this is because cold temperatures make the oil thicker. Apart from other benefits, full-flow filters are also popular due to their ability to enable the oil to move freely in the engine as compared to other types of oil filters. If you use an oil filter that is restricted then the engine of your equipment will fail to get oil and this will eventually cause wear and tear. So it’s better to use full-flow oil filters as they will provide an adequate amount of oil to the engine of your equipment.

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