Common Industrial Lubrication Problems And Their Solutions

November 5, 2021

Common Industrial Lubrication Problems And Their Solutions Manufacturing units are made using large industrial machines and hydraulic systems. Most components of these units require regular lubrication in order to minimize wear and tear and ensure smooth operation. Every industrial unit from food processing plants to refineries and power plants have to be properly lubricated. However, there are several lubrication problems that are widespread across most industries. In this blog, we have listed some of the commonly faced problems with the lubrication of industrial machines and their solutions.

Contamination Of The Lubricant

Lubrication contamination is a killer when it comes to industrial equipment. It degrades the life and performance of the machine as well as its metering system. Depending on the size, these contaminants can get trapped between the seals and act as an abrasive material that scours the seals away. If contamination is left untreated, it can not only affect the performance of a machine but can also render it useless. Since machines in manufacturing plants cannot afford long downtimes, it is better to opt for contamination control options. Constant contamination control helps to filter out any particles that are contaminating the lubrication system of an industrial unit. This helps to minimize machine downtime. It is believed that almost 80% of machine faults are based on different contaminations in their lubrication system. In addition to this, hydraulic systems are built on numerous moving parts joined together. These moving parts, due to constant movement, are under pressure which creates friction. The pressure friction leads to a residue that contaminates the lubrication. The type of hydraulic filtration system employed for a machine depends on its production activity, the condition of the machine and the overall quality standards set for its maintenance activity. You can always opt for Hydraulic oil filters that have been specifically designed for heavy-duty performance. In these filters, contaminants are blocked by the filters and remain stored in them so the lubrication quality is not compromised. These filters have to be changed after every few months.


Lubrication machines are precision instruments. They have to be used with care and control. Over-use of these machines can cause certain problems for the machines. After contamination, one of the most common lubrication problems is over-greasing. Over-greasing an industrial unit can lead to premature bearing failure, higher operating temperatures and an increased risk of contaminant ingression. To tackle this issue, you should determine the output of the lubrication machine and the greasing requirements of all bearings. Based on this, perform the lubrication. Since the output of greasing will vary from machine to machine, to ensure proper lubrication, it is better to hire a professional who knows his/her machines well.

Lack Of Documentation

One of the most inconvenient issues that prevail in the lubrication industry is the lack of documentation. After the retirement of lubrication experts and technicians, in many cases, new technicians don’t know where to start. This is due in large part to the previous person employed on the job not documenting the whole process as required. Without proper documentation, the person retiring is taking his/her experience and knowledge of years without passing it on. Highly experienced technicians associated with this profession are the master of their domains as they understand every sound and sight of their machines. The only efficient way of passing on this information is with the help of proper documentation. Hence, to ensure that your machines are kept running smoothly, you have to implement certain procedures to ensure each and every step of the lubrication process is well documented.

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