Common Oil Filter Failures And Their Solutions

December 10, 2021

Common Oil Filter Failures And Their Solutions Oil filters are responsible for supplying clean and filtered oil to your machine’s important components. Different types of oil filters perform different functions. They make sure that quality lubricants are being supplied to the essential parts of the machine so that it will work properly. However, problems can arise with the filtration parts. Any problem with the oil filtration system of the machine can lead to bigger problems and lead to complete machine failure. Therefore, knowing them in advance or conducting a regular machine analysis is necessary to avoid bigger filtration problems. Each filter also has a distinctive failure and detection method. Therefore, you must be proactive at detecting such problems on time and take the right measures. Also, choose a company that offers quality filters and related products. Harvard Filtration offers filtration systems and filter carts with the most trusted and dependable portable hydraulic filtration systems. This blog post highlights some common Oil Filter Failures and their solutions.

Fatigued Cracking

Fatigued cracking occurs when the filtration system is overworked. The operational stresses such as high pressure and violent cycle shifts can affect the filter’s weave and warp it. This damage to the filter can make the oil flow bypass the filter and allow the contaminants to circumvent capture. This process results in an increased particle count in the oil. This contamination can lead to the poor function of the machines and affect their longevity. Therefore, regular analysis and maintenance of the machines and their parts are necessary to ensure that everything is working as it should.

Plugging Or Blocking

Plugging is another common issue often dealt with when talking about filter failure. Filters can degrade over time when left to constantly work without an oil change or the proper maintenance. The risk of filter plugging further increases if the filter has worked for a prolonged period of time without any change or analysis. Some failure products, such as carbon sludge and varnish, appear. Contaminated filters can affect the oil flow and restrict the filtration process. The process of oil analysis might not detect the plug failure. An increased pressure change across the filter is detected, which is a tell-tale sign of plugging. Because plugging is caused by the consecutive work of a filter and oil, changing the oil and filter can reduce this problem. Therefore, is it vital that you get your hands on some quality machine filters and related parts here.


Channeling is a process where the filter weave or screen is bombarded with abrasive particles at high speeds. These particles are forced through the filter’s pores and become enlarged. They erode the filter material or lodge in the filter’s pores. It then forces itself through the filter and passes through the pores, thus expanding them. Channeling can be detected by the oil analysis process, where you can count the large particles through the particle count test.

Media Migration

Media migration failure is somewhat similar to fatigue cracking, but in this case, the high-pressure transient ruptures destroy the filter. In the case of fatigue cracking, oil bypasses a warped filter media, whereas, in the case of media migration, the oil flows through the damaged filter. The damaged filter fails to collect the contaminants and other particles. Moreover, as oil flows through the ruptured media, it collects the particles, increasing the contamination. Media migration failure can be detected using regular oil analysis processes. Moreover, replacing oil and filters can also minimize media migration.

Final Thoughts

Oil filter failure can occur due to numerous reasons. The only thing that matters is regular oil analysis and maintenance. Checking the condition of your oil and filters and changing them on time will reduce such failures and keep your machines in good working condition.

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