Constant Contamination Control In A Manufacturing Plant

October 25, 2019

Manufacturing plants are built with industrial machines and large hydraulic systems. They require on-time lubrication, processed machine oils, and industrial-grade oil filtration systems to perform at optimum speed. Machines in manufacturing plants cannot afford long downtime as it creates a massive loss for the business. Furthermore, it can affect the production schedule and chances are the company’s overall commitment to deliver will be negatively affected as well. This downtime can be minimized when a manufacturing plant is equipped with constant contamination control. Constant contamination control is the ability to filter out any contaminants found in the machines. It is believed that almost 80% of machine faults are based on different contaminations in their lubrication system. The placement of oil filters in these machines makes sure that the contamination is minimized. Hydraulic systems are built on numerous moving parts joined together. These moving parts are under constant pressure and they create friction. This pressure and friction creates residue that becomes contamination if not filtered in time. Even if they are filtered from the internal circulation of the machine they are still dangerous if the filter is not changed. Filtration systems demand a cleaning process or even a change of the filters themselves. All machine performance and their lifespan are based on timely maintenance and having a constant contamination control system implemented. Different industries and manufacturing plants devise quality standards that include strategic machinery maintenance schedules. These maintenance schedules include replacement of industrial oil filtration systems. Some plants also use portable oil filtration systems that can allow the lubricants to be used again, saving resources and money. It can be said here that there is no fixed constant contamination control system. Manufacturing plants decide how to maintain their filtration systems based on their production activity, condition of the machines and the overall quality standards set for the maintenance activity. Hydraulic oil filters are well renowned with large scale industrial machines. These oil filters are placed strategically in machines to make sure they go through minimum wear and tear. Oil filters used in industrial-scale machinery are built for heavy-duty performance. It is understood by the manufacturers of the industrial oil filters to focus on providing constant contamination control. Contaminants are blocked by the filters and remain stored in them so the lubrication quality is not compromised. The need for having an efficient filtration system is increasing with time, as the cost of maintenance and repairs of the machines are increasing at a rapid pace. There are many manufacturers of oil filtration systems that give different quality standards of industrial oil filtration systems. It remains important for the manufacturing plants to use filtration systems that assure the constant contamination control for their machines. This process can be further enhanced when high-quality industrial oil filters are used to make sure the machines are working at their best performance. This will improve machine productivity as well as the life of the machine itself. Harvard Filtration holds a significant position in providing constant contamination control filtration systems. Contact us to find a vast variety of products we offer or give us a call so we can guide you in the right direction.

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