Different Types Of Oil Filters And Their Function

November 18, 2021

Different Types Of Oil Filters And Their Function Oil filters are an essential component of any machine, as they help keep them in perfect running condition for years. They remove contaminants from lubricants that might be degrading the machine’s quality and function. There are different types of oil filters, the main purpose of all of them is to clean the oil in the vehicle or machine. However, different oil filters have different roles, and it is important to learn about them. So, which oil filter is the best for your machine, and what is the function of each type of filter? This blog post mentions the details about different types of oil filters and their function. Also read: Importance Of Using The Correct Oil Filtration System

Full-Flow Oil Filter

This type of filter is also called the primary oil filter. It is used mainly by cars and vehicles. A full-flow oil filter is used to remove impurities from the oil in the vehicle’s engine. It is also suitable for machines that have to work in colder temperatures. The frigid temperature makes the oil thick, and other filters might be too restrictive to allow the oil to move freely. A full-flow oil filter allows the oil to move freely in the engine or parts of the machine. So, it is able to still perform well even if the temperature drops.

Thermal Chamber Oil Filters

Thermal chamber oil filters are another type of oil filter with dual functionality. Their purpose is not only to filter the oil but also to increase its temperature. This helps in dissolving or burning the contaminants. However, this filter uses electricity to work. Therefore, your thermal chamber filter will use your vehicle’s electricity or machine’s power, which might put pressure on the machine.

Magnetic Oil Filter

A magnetic oil filter is used to remove magnetic contaminants from the oil. It thoroughly cleans the oil and removes metallic contaminants from the oil but might not be effective for removing grime and dust. A magnetic oil filter doesn’t need to be replaced. However, regular cleaning is essential to keep the filter in good working condition. Magnetic oil filters are commonly used in vehicles and industrial machines. Car owners, mechanics, machine owners, and technicians use it to remove metallic contaminants from oil.

Spinner Oil Filter

Another type of oil filter is the spinner oil filter that uses centrifugal force to capture the contaminants from the oil. It is essential in cleaning the car’s motor oil. Since the spinners oil filters move very fast, they can remove even the tiniest contaminants from your oil. These filters spin at a high rate and push the contaminants to the bottom of the filter.

Secondary Filter

Secondary filters are usually added to the machine to support the primary full-flow oil filter. Such filters are used in machines to remove the leftover particles or contaminants after a full-flow filter. Therefore, it cleans less than 10% of the contaminants from the oil. Also click to know Hydraulic oil filter

Why Is Choosing The Right Filter Important?

Tiny dust particles are the greatest enemy to your engine that can degrade its functionality. Old cars don’t come with oil filters. That is why it is a good idea to change their filters after every 500-2000 miles. Choosing the right kind of filter is important to keep your machine in good working condition. It is important that you first read about the different types of oil filters available in order to decide what one will best suit your application. Most of the time, oil filters won’t live up to their life expectancy. This is often due to the usage and capacity of each type of oil filter. Therefore, you have to conduct regular maintenance and choose a quality air filter that will last long. Make sure to read the vehicle’s manual or part log before buying an oil filter. Also, it is best to invest in a good quality filter that can last. Must read: How To Choose An Oil Filtration System?

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