Filtration Techniques For Hydraulic Systems

June 24, 2022

Filtration Techniques For Hydraulic Systems Hydraulic filters act as life savers for machines, as a contaminated lubricant can cause great damage to the engine and parts of the machine. Also, the contaminated oil can cause clogging in the parts due to which the machine takes more power to operate with at the appropriate speed. So, hydraulic filter can save machinery from various problems and improve their working quality. With the passage of time, hydraulic systems are becoming more efficient and advanced. Therefore, new techniques have been introduced for hydraulic filtration. Harvard Filtration provides advanced filtration technologies to purify lubricants and maintain good quality of your hydraulic systems. This blog further describes some filtration techniques that can remove small and large contaminants from oil to ensure highly purified oil is following in your machine.

Removal Of Contaminants

No matter how much you keep your hydraulic system clean and protected from outside pollution, dust and contaminants can still enter your system. These contaminants then get mixed with the oil and cause contamination. Hence, hydraulic filters are used to purify the contaminated oil by removing dust and other impurities. Advanced filters are now available in the market that are not only capable of removing dirt, hard materials and water from the oil but also maintain its quality. In addition to the hydraulic filters used inside the systems, some portable filters are also used, that are attached as an extra filtration tool for next-level filtration. Although filtration is not the only solution, restricting contaminants from getting into the machinery can also keep the oil clean. However, it is difficult to control contaminants from entering the machinery but some care can give better results. Also read: How To Reduce The Effects Of Contamination On Hydraulic Systems

Self Cleaning Filters

Large machinery requires more filtration however, it can be difficult and costly to replace filters more frequently. Hence, basket strainers are a type of self-cleaning filter that can be used to minimize frequent filter replacement. Basket strainers provide advanced filtration with a self-cleaning option which means the filters can be cleaned once they are full of impurities, in addition to easy cleaning, it’s easy to reinstall basket strainers into the system. Besides all the other benefits, this is a cost-effective filtration method which makes it a good choice for industrial usage.

Centrifugal Oil Filtration

Centrifugal filters purify the oil by separating the liquids from the solid particles. The next level filtration technique takes high-pressure oil inside the filter body and separates the solids from the oil, consequently, the contaminants are separated from the oil leaving it highly purified. Together with efficient filtration, this method is more suitable to conduct filtration in the operational hydraulic system. Centrifugal filters remove different types of contaminants regardless of their size, as it filters all particles that have a higher density level than the fluid.

Magnetic Filtration

Sometimes, metallic particles, from inside or outside of the machine, get mixed with the oil which causes damage to the other parts of the machine. In order to remove the metallic hard particles, metallic filters are used that can separate the metallic particles from the oil. To filter the metals from the oil it is passed through the filter where the magnetic force attracts the metal particles and removes them from the oil. Hence, the filtered oil is passed out of the filter.

Portable Filters

Portable hydraulic filters are used when advanced filtration is required. These filters are attached as extra filtration tools since they can filter the oil when the hydraulic system is turned off. Portable filtration is more efficient as the oil is shifted into the filter, purified and then added back to the machine, to ensure every drop of oil is purified.

Cartridge Filtration

The cartridge filtration technique purifies the lubricant by removing small contaminants with a round pleated filter. Furthermore, they can remove the contaminants in less time to ensure the machine is not stopped for a long time. Therefore, the fast speed of these filters makes them the first choice for petroleum and other industries.

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