How Is A Hydraulic Filtration Cart And System Beneficial For Your Machinery?

February 24, 2022

How Is A Hydraulic Filtration Cart And System Beneficial For Your Machinery Undeniably, oil is the most dominant economic driver in the current era. From indirectly affecting commodity prices to directly determining the longevity of a factory’s machine, everything ultimately depends on oil. Oil is one of the world’s most valuable resources and will continue to drive the world for the foreseeable future. Hence, the importance of oil can never be emphasized enough. However, this topic is quite broad and highly debatable. Let us narrow the subject to our industrial world for a clearer perspective and better relevancy. As an industrialist, a factory owner, or even an automobile enthusiast, you as an individual are also well aware of the significance of oil for the appropriate functioning and longevity of your machinery or vehicle. Oil’s main tasks are to:
  • Act as fuel for engines and machines
  • Lubricate parts of the machine to diminish friction and the resulting wear and tear
  • Avoid overheating of the engine and the machines
But think again, will oil, in any shape and condition, do the above-mentioned tasks? Definitely not. For the oil to do its job perfectly, it needs to be pristine and free of contaminants. If the oil being used contains dust, debris, or even water, the result can be pretty damaging. And that is how our filtration systems come into the picture as they perform the noble deed of purifying the oil and making it usable for the aforementioned tasks. To cut a long story short, your oil will be rendered useless if it is not kept pure. For this reason, we shall use today’s blog to educate you regarding the benefits of hydraulic filters and filtration systems for your machinery.

Functions Of An Oil Filtration System

A seemingly harmless dust particle in your oil or water drop is capable of great damage if it finds its way into the hydraulic units or vulnerable parts of your machine. The job of a hydraulic filtration system, as the name suggests, is to filter the oil to remove any impurities that might find its way into the lines. This system contains filter carts through which the oil is frequently run to free it of possible contamination and avoid damage to the machinery.

What Are The Benefits Of Hydraulic Oil Filtration Systems?

Honestly, speaking, there has been ample research already done on the subject. In fact, the benefits of an oil filtration system are not merely a hypothesis but a proven reality. But, since you do not have the time to read through a long research paper detailing the benefits of oil filtration systems, we have compiled a short and sweet synopsys for you:

Long-lasting Machinery And Its Parts

Whether mechanical or living, every being has a life. However, unlike a living thing that is fated to perish after the lapse of a preset period, the life of a mechanical site may be extended. The useful life or the service life of a machine is directly affected by the oil that finds its way into its parts. If the oil passes through a good filtration system before being put into use in the machine, the chances of harmful contaminants finding their way into the machine are negligible. As a result, the machine will be less susceptible to damage and may effortlessly surpass the set useful life limit.

Decreased Machine Downtime

The advantages of using hydraulic oil filtration systems are more like a chain. That is, one benefit paves the way for the other. Since appropriately filtered oil increases the efficiency of a machine, the result is a significant decline in the machine’s downtime hours. The latter is perhaps the biggest headache for industrialists and factory owners, as seemingly just a few minutes of downtime often results in unimaginable losses. According to research, an hour of downtime can cost a company about $260,000 worth of losses. Using a hydraulic oil filtration system can save you from such losses.

Boosted Employee Morale

After machine downtime, the second unbearable loss for business owners is labor idle time. It is crucial to understand that only the related variable costs can be controlled to some extent when a machine stops working. The fixed costs such as salaries, rent, administrative expenses are still incurred. Regular machine downtimes often demotivate employees and make them take their work for granted. Contrarily, if a machine shows efficiency, employees will understand the importance of every minute and will be motivated to work harder. As a result, the overall factory’s productivity is increased, and more value is created.

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