The Importance Of Oil Filtration In Hydraulic Systems

July 21, 2022

The Importance Of Oil Filtration In Hydraulic Systems A hydraulic system is a complex network of valves, hoses, and pipes. These systems last for decades and are getting more and more advanced. Modern hydraulic systems are equipped with components such as a pump and reservoir, which need hydraulic oil filters, valves, and actuators. As these systems are mechanical, they bear a lot of wear and tear throughout their journey, which leads to issues like ineffective filter oil and contaminations. This could be the worst thing that can happen to a hydraulic system. A few hours of downtime can easily cost the manufacturing plant thousands of dollars. Fluid contamination alone is the cause of 75% of system failures. To avoid this, we have to ensure the effective oil filtration of these systems to function properly without getting more damaged. Also Read: How To Reduce The Effects Of Contamination On Hydraulic Systems In this blog post, we will explain the importance of oil filtration in hydraulic systems. These important points will teach you how to take care of the hydraulic system and how oil filtration can help you increase the efficiency of the system.

To Avoid System Malfunctioning

Timely oil filtration of the hydraulic system can prevent permanent damage and save it from malfunctioning. Selecting the right fluid is also very crucial for oil filtration. There are multiple options available in the market to choose from. Typically, petroleum-based fluids are a good choice for hydraulic systems and are considered standard for most applications. Effective oil filtration can play a crucial role in maintaining the system’s overall life. Doing proper oil filtration can save you from insignificant extra maintenance costs.

To Eliminate Contamination

One of the most important reasons to use oil filters is to eliminate Impurities and contaminants, as they are hard to ignore. No matter how efficient the oil you use is, the machine will still get foreign particles in it. There are several ways the systems can get contaminated, such as from metal filings, small burrs, and sand. Specks of dirt can enter through broken seals and water can enter when the hot water condenses at night. Other contaminants, such as copper and iron in the hydraulic fluid, can cause extensive damage to the system over time. Fortunately, one can protect their equipment from these elements by simply using an effective oil filter.

For System Maintenance

Oil filtration is also important for the maintenance of hydraulic systems. This ensures longer service durations and optimized working of the system. When it’s time, the oil filters need to be changed. A hydraulic system without an effective oil filtration system in place is more likely to break down. This consequently increases the cost of maintenance, which can be avoided with robust oil filtration. Oil filtration can contribute a great deal towards enhancing the overall life of the hydraulic system.

For Better Productivity And Efficiency

Oil filtration is not only good for the maintenance of your system, but also makes it more productive and efficient. Timely changes of your oil filters can further increase the life of your system. Oil Contamination is the Leading Cause of Hydraulic Failures and Downtime. Oil filtration removes contaminants, enhances system performance, and increases the service life of the machine.

Bottom Line

These were a few essential points about the importance of oil filtration. Effective oil filtration can be beneficial for the project in many ways. This implication has provoked many people to use oil filtration systems effectively for their hydraulic systems.

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