Key Benefits Of Offline Filtration Systems

March 11, 2022

Key Benefits Of Offline Filtration Systems Any mechanical industry’s growth is directly related to the health of its machines. If the machines are kept in good working condition there are fewer downtimes and no extra costs. However, if the equipment is not in the best condition, it can directly impact your manufacturing operations. Oil filtration systems can play an important role in keeping your machines in healthy condition. It makes the operations as efficient as possible and achieves good oil filtration so that contaminant free lubricant is transferred to the machine. However, sometimes industries overlook the importance of lubrication filtration and have insufficient filtration systems or no filtration at all, which creates contamination problems resulting in unexpected downtime and premature machine failure. As such, oil filtration systems play a crucial role when it comes to machine maintenance and upkeep. There are different types of oil filtration systems, and one of them is an offline filtration system. This blog post mentions what an offline filtration system is and how it benefits your machines. Also Read: What Are The Basic Problems Caused By Using Dirty Oil Filters?

What Is An Offline Filtration System?

Offline filtration systems are also known as filter carts or kidney loop systems. They are useful for the external filtration of hydraulic fluids. Offline oil filtration systems are a crucial part of reliability programs and are most commonly used for the efficiency of manufacturing operations. In the past years, they were used only occasionally, but now they are being introduced into the systems as a regular oil filtration system. An offline filtration system works independently from the system it is attached to. It is connected to the reservoir of a lube, hydraulic, or storage system. The two types of offline filtration systems commonly used are:
  • Offline filtration systems
  • Mobile offline filtration systems
Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of offline oil filtration systems.

Benefits Of Offline Filtration Systems

Integrated Versatility

An offline filtration system is one of the best ways to ensure that your hydraulic and lube oils are kept clean from any contamination. This is important to ensure that your systems operate efficiently by removing any dirt in the process. Moreover, an offline filtration system can be used as a three-way valve to the top of the reservoir. This is helpful to remove any dirt from the oil during a fluid transfer and prevent contaminants from entering your machine’s system. All in all, the above paragraph means that your oil is filtered every time it passes through the system, and thus, every kind of contaminant is eliminated before the lubricant is transferred to the desired locations in the machine.

Better Lubrication Cleanliness

An offline filtration system provides an isolated treatment of fluids before they are introduced into the equipment. This isolated fluid treatment is like an extra stage of filtration, which gives a high degree of lubricant cleanliness. It also prevents particulates and water from circulating through engines’ systems and oil reservoirs. Thus, it prevents the machines from wear and tear and optimizes their performance by giving them clean lubrication every time.

They Can Be Portable Or Permanent

Another great benefit of an offline filtration system is its two types i-e portable and permanent offline filtration systems. Portable filtration carts can be moved as needed and removed from the floor when they are not in use. Permanent oil filtration systems are beneficial in a location where long-term optimization of fluid cleanliness is required. Portable offline filtration systems are best suited for condition-based environments.

They Can Be Used Continuously

You can use offline filtration systems continuously or intermittently. They can be used when the machine is running or even when it is going through downtime. In downtime, they offer continual lubrication cleaning to remove all the contaminants.


Having an offline filtration system offers numerous benefits to lubrication cleaning and effectiveness. However, you should be careful about choosing the type and size of the oil filter cart.

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