What Should You Know About Hydraulic Oil Filtration Systems

February 2, 2022

What Should You Know About Hydraulic Oil Filtration Systems Keeping your machinery and industrial appliances in a healthy condition is necessary. The constant work and wear and tear make them vulnerable to potential damage. Since almost every industrial machine uses lubrication to operate, oil filters are necessary to filter those lubricants. These oil filters filter the oil before transferring them to certain parts of the machine. Must read: Easy Methods For Filtering Hydraulic Oil The oil filtration and removal of harmful contaminants can improve the machine’s longevity and performance. From several different oil filters, hydraulic filters also play a crucial role in filtering the oil before transferring it to the hydraulic filtration system. This blog post highlights the details of what you should know about hydraulic filters.

What Is A Hydraulic Oil Filter?

Filtering hydraulic oil also play an important role in industrial machines. They are used in hydraulic systems to filter the oil. A hydraulic filtration system is used to drive the energy. For example, it takes the energy from the electric motor to the actuator. They are mostly used in applications where high power density is required. This is more common in excavators, presses, and other similar machines. Also read: How Important is Fluid Filtration in a Hydraulic System? Hydraulic oil filters are necessary to allow the proper functioning of hydraulic oil filtration systems. They keep the machines in good condition by filtering out the contaminants and other harmful particles before allowing the oil to go to other machine parts. About one million small particles enter the machine each minute. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to invest in quality oil filters which can filter out every contaminant. The contaminants can come from the ingestion through reservoirs of the component or internal generation of the particles in the hydraulic system. A hydraulic filter is selected for a specific application based on the fluid compatibility, pressure drop, operating size, design, and more. Let’s know about filtration techniques for hydraulic systems.

Different Types Of Hydraulic Oil Filters

Hydraulic oil filters come in different types, and each of them is designed according to the application demands and manufacturing capability. The five most common types of hydraulic filters are:
  • Air filters
  • Suction filters
  • Pressure filters
  • Return filters
  • Kidney-loop filters
Other than the types of hydraulic oil filters mentioned above, there are other filters based on their construction and alignment. Some filters that are based on the their construction are as follows:
  • Bag filters
  • Screen filters
  • Magnetic filters
Other kinds of filtering hydraulic oil based on their alignment are as follows:
  • Suction filters
  • Pressure filters
  • Return flow filters
  • Off-line filters
  • Intake Breather filters

Why Should You Use Hydraulic Filters?

Filtering hydraulic oil are most commonly used in hydraulic systems. These filters offer several advantages apart from just filtering out the oil. Let’s read about some of the common benefits of hydraulic filters. Must read: The Roles And Characteristics Of Hydraulic Fluid

Better Lifespan Of Machines

A machine’s life is dependent on clean and filtered oil. If you don’t invest in quality oil filters, the contaminated oil will affect the normal operation of your machine and reduce its operation time. This means that you will face downtime affecting your timeline and tasks. On the other hand, if you invest in quality hydraulic filters and similar oil filtration systems, the oil will be filtered before going to any of the machine’s parts. Also, the filter heads’ double spin can remove a wide range of pollutants.

It Is Easy To Use

Some machines are not static but are required at different locations. This means that all of the relevant parts must be transported with them. In such situations, using hydraulic oil filters is a good choice because of their ease of use and portability. One of the biggest benefits of using a hydraulic oil filter is its portability. The pneumatic tires make it easier to transport them anywhere you want without any hassle.

Harvard Filtration Delivers High-Quality Oil Filters

Different types of oil filters are used for different purposes. Knowing the difference between different types can help you select the most suitable for your machine. They are an essential machine component, and installing the right kind of oil filter can reduce your machines downtime. It also improves the machine’s efficiency. Harvard Filtration offers efficient solutions for oil contamination control. We offer numerous high-quality products for filter carts and filtration systems at affordable rates. If you would like to learn more about our services or contact us, get in touch with us here. We should also know about related topics like how the hydraulic and lubricant filter technology provides superior system cleanliness?

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