What Are Offline Oil Filtration Systems And How Are They Beneficial?

April 1, 2022

What Are Off-line Oil Filtration Systems And How Are They Beneficial Undeniably, optimum lubrication is the ideal way to prolong equipment life and increase the overall efficiency of your manufacturing operations. However, if the lubricant being used in this process contains contaminants, the lubrication procedure may invite more problems than doing good. If these contaminants are left to accumulate, they will disrupt the proper functioning of the machinery and the equipment and lead to downtimes and other unnecessary maintenance costs. The latter often results in numerous hindrances in your manufacturing plant and a loss of thousands of dollars. According to Forbes, unplanned downtime costs the manufacturing industry about $50 billion every year. Thus, the importance of industrial oil filtration systems can not be emphasized enough. Specifically speaking, portable offline filtration systems are the best decontamination solution. Through the latter, you may easily evade the costs mentioned above and enhance your equipment life and efficiency. To help you make the most out of your lubricant decontamination endeavors, this blog will explain what offline oil filtration entails and how it can prove beneficial for you.

What Is Offline Oil Filtration?

Primarily, there are two ways to decontaminate your lubricant:
  • Inline oil filtration
  • Offline oil filtration
Inline oil filtration entails the decontamination of oil within the machine itself. These systems are often installed within the lubrication system of the equipment. While the latter is convenient in many ways, it does give birth to numerous other problems. The inline filters are often thinner and less sturdy than offline filters. As a result, continuous oil flow, high pressure, and contaminant strain make these inline filtration systems a bit inefficient on their own. Thus, most of the contaminants simply find their way into the machine and cause problems. In the end, you often ask yourself why your lubricant contains contamination despite having an inline filter. This is where our portable offline filtration systems come in. They not only overcome the weaknesses of the inline oil filtration systems but also provide numerous additional benefits. However, the latter does not mean that offline filtration systems enjoy superiority over inline systems. Instead, these two systems complement each other and provide excellent benefits when used concurrently.

Benefits Of Offline Oil Filtration Systems

Undeniably, you must have a lot to worry about as a manufacturing plant owner. Your goodwill and stance in the industry and amongst your competitors are incredibly reliant on your manufacturing process. Thus, a machine breakdown which invites a chain of cynical events such as unplanned downtime, unnecessary expenses, loss of revenue, delays in order fulfillment, and ultimately dissatisfied customers can really affect your reputation. However, offline oil filtration systems can help you avoid these unpleasant events as follows:

Reduced Pressure On The Inline Filtration System

As mentioned earlier, running contaminated oil directly through a machine’s lubrication system with the hope that the inline oil filter will take care of everything is very unwise. The latter puts immense pressure on the inline system, which results in the contaminants finding their way into the engines and other components of the machine. Thus, the efficiency of both the inline filtration system and the machine as a whole is significantly reduced. However, running the oil through a separate offline filter before introducing it into the machine will significantly overcome this issue. Since most of the contaminants will be removed by a much sturdier separate system, the online filter will have less work to do. Hence, both the machine and the inline filter will enjoy reduced pressure.

Contamination-Free Lubricant

At this point, most of you would want to argue that you only use high-quality oil, which is void of any contaminants. To be honest, the oil might be clean at the time of purchase, but you can not be sure of what will happen during the transportation and storage of this oil. Indeed, numerous pollutants will contaminate the oil during these phases. In this regard, we do not only mean things like dirt and debris. Even water acts as a pollutant in a lubricant. Thus, running your high-quality oil through a portable filtration system restores its dignity and makes it purer than what it initially was.

Decreased Machinery Wear

Oil contaminants are the biggest culprits behind machine wear. Since inline systems alone can not fight the impurities adequately, the machine suffers continuous wear. So what is the solution? An offline oil filtration system.

Dramatically Reduced Downtimes And Maintenance Shutdowns

All of the above contribute to one main advantage: reduced machine downtime. Once downtime is reduced, the negative chain of events that usually follows is broken.

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