Removing Water Contaminants – The Magic of Oil Filters

July 7, 2022

How Oil Filters Are Useful For The Removal Of Water Contaminants? Along with other contaminants, moisture from water can also affect the quality of your machine’s oil. The water contaminants in the machine’s oil can affect the efficiency of parts of the machine. Although, removing the solid contaminants is also very important, the removal of water from the oil is crucial to ensure it does not damage the machine parts. Hence, the removal of liquid and solid substances is very important. Along with that, it is crucial to maintain the consistency of the oil so that it can flow well in the machine. Harvard filtration has made filtration of solid particles easy, as the filters installed in the system can be used to separate the solid contaminants from the oil. On the other hand, the filtration of water contaminants from the oil is quite difficult and requires specified filters. The blog describes a few ways you can purify the machine’s oil from water contaminants and restore the quality of the machine’s oil.

Water Contaminants Removal

Some oil filters are specially designed to filter the water contaminants from the oil. Primarily, oil filters are used to suck water from the oil and keep the oil concentrated. Sometimes, filtered oil may still contain a few water droplets which are not filtered properly from the oil, even these can lead to premature failure. Low-quality filters can remove a small amount of water from the oil but they might fail to filter a large amount of water. These filters are capable of storing a limited amount of water and become useless when a large amount of water enters their body. In the event that lots of water contaminants get mixed in the oil and enter the system they will lead the system to premature failure by damaging the consistency of the oil flowing through the machine. Furthermore, water can disturb the pressure of oil thus an increase and decrease in the oil pressure can damage the machine’s parts. In order to deal with the situation, high-quality oil filters should be used to remove the water from the machine’s oil, whereas if the water entered into the system is beyond the filtration limit, then the machinery should be stopped immediately. In this situation, the replacement of the filter is the only solution to avoid further damage.

Consequences Of Water Contamination In The Machine’s Oil

Damage To Machine Parts

Water mixed with the oil flows through the machine and affects the machine’s parts. The water in the machine’s oil can increase dryness in parts of the machine and cut the grease on machine parts, consequently damaging the complete system. However, the water can change the consistency of the oil, due to which low consistency oil flows through the machine, and affects its performance. Therefore the engine pressure exertion also gets disturbed which ultimately changes the speed and oil pressure in the machine. As a result of a decrease or increase in oil pressure, the complete system can get damaged.

Filter Damage

The filters can handle limited contaminants. An increase in that limit can cause damage to the filter. When a large amount of water enters the filter it damages the filter’s body. Generally, filter replacement is the only solution to save the system in this situation. However, if the filter is not replaced at a suitable time the filter may fail to work. Must Read: The Complete Guide to Hydraulic Oil Filters

About Harvard Filtration

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