Possible Causes Of Noisy Bearings And How To Fix Them

November 25, 2021

Possible Causes Of Noisy Bearings And How To Fix Them Bearings are an integral part of any machinery. Their main function is to support the rotating shafts. However, the rotation motion of these bearings is accompanied by friction that can affect the functionality of the machine if not dealt with properly. Since these bearings are well hidden inside the machinery, they are often overlooked during maintenance procedures. Even though bearings are essential for the smooth operation of any heavy machinery, they only get attention when they start producing noise. If you hear a constant grinding or knocking sound coming from one of your machines in your industrial setting, it most likely indicates a poorly lubricated bearing that is about to fail. To prevent similar scenarios, it’s best to schedule regular maintenance sessions and ensure proper lubrication filtration to prevent contamination. Contaminants from lubrication can accumulate around the bearing making it difficult for it to move and support the shafts. In this blog, we have listed some of the common issues that can result in a noisy bearing. In the end, we have also listed some possible solutions.

Lubrication Failure

One of the most common reasons for a noisy bearing is lubrication failure. Lubrication failure means that you either have used improper lubrication, the amount of lubricant is not enough or the lubricant has been contaminated. If the bearings are discolored or have abrasions over them, this indicates that the lubricant in the system has failed. If you have not applied a proper filtration process for the lubricant in the machine, there is a high chance that other particles have mixed with it over time causing damage to the bearings.


If you end up using low-quality lubricant with poor filtration, moisture and acid can reach the bearings in the form of condensation. This starts to corrode the metal. Corroded bearings face more resistance which can cause the deterioration of the bearing as well as the connected shaft. If the bearings and the connected parts have red and brown stains, they are an indication of corrosion.

Incorrect Mounting

Another common issue that leads to a noisy bearing is improper mounting of the parts. If bearings and other parts of the machine are not mounted properly, it can lead to premature failure. This can also happen after a maintenance session if the technician does not put the parts back together properly.

Fatigue And Overheating

Multiple factors, including overload, tight inner-ring fixation, using bearings beyond their life expectancy, and improper lubrication, can cause bearing fatigue and overheating. Both fatigue and overheating can affect the functionality of the bearings. They can deteriorate the structure of the bearing and have an indirect impact on the performance of the machine.

Possible Fixes

Industrial and heavy-duty machines require constant observation and the right technical skills to monitor their performance. The best way to ensure the smooth operation of these machines is by oil condition monitoring. This process helps in identifying the contaminants in a lubricant and whether its quality has degraded. It helps in the timely changing of the lubricant as well as in choosing the right filtration process for the lubricant. A proper lubrication filtration program can help you save a lot on repairs and lubricants. From removing moisture to solid particles, a filtration system helps filter out all the contaminants from the system. Lubrication filtration removes almost all the impurities from the oil which makes it good as new. This helps to prevent any fatigue on the bearings and other parts of the system. You can also hire a professional company to provide and design a proper oil filtration system for your machines. Harvard Filtration provides a wide range of high-quality oil filtration systems that help you implement a sound lubrication program. We also offer top of the line Portable Harvard Filtration systems that are small in size and are made to be used as mobile systems.

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