Hydraulic Replacement Filters

Hydraulic Replacement Filters

Overview: Harvard Filtration has access to many Replacement Filters which are high-quality hydraulic filter element products which will safely replace and upgrade existing filters in hydraulic systems. These replacement filters are engineered with precision to ensure optimal performance, superior filtration efficiency, and extended equipment lifespan, making them an essential component for maintaining clean hydraulic oil.


  1. Advanced Filtration Media: Our Hydraulic Replacement Filters utilize advanced filtration media, such as synthetic fibers or micro-glass or hydraulic oil filter elements to capture and remove a wide range of contaminants effectively.
  2. High Dirt-Holding Capacity: These filters boast a high dirt-holding capacity, which allows for longer service intervals and reduces the frequency of filter replacements.
  3. Compatibility and Interchangeability: All filters that Harvard represents are designed to be compatible and interchangeable with a variety of popular hydraulic filter brands and models, making them a versatile solution for various systems.
  4. Sturdy Construction: Built with durable materials, these filters are designed to withstand challenging operating conditions and maintain their integrity throughout their service life.
  5. Low Pressure Drop: The filters are engineered to offer low pressure drop characteristics, ensuring efficient fluid flow and minimizing energy consumption.
  6. Variety of Micron Ratings: Harvard offers Hydraulic Replacement Filters in a range of micron ratings, allowing users to choose the appropriate level of filtration based on their specific application requirements.


  1. Enhanced Filtration Performance: With their advanced filtration media, our Hydraulic Replacement Filters efficiently remove contaminants, safeguarding hydraulic systems from damage and enhancing overall filtration performance.
  2. Extended Equipment Life: Clean hydraulic oil, achieved through the use of high-quality replacement filters, helps extend the life of hydraulic components, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
  3. Reduced Maintenance Costs: The high dirt-holding capacity and extended service intervals of our replacement filters contribute to cost savings on filter replacements and maintenance expenses.
  4. Improved System Reliability: By preventing the ingress of harmful particles, these industrial hydraulic oil filter elements contribute to improved system reliability, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and enhancing equipment uptime.
  5. Optimized Equipment Efficiency: The low pressure drop design of our filters ensures smooth fluid flow, allowing hydraulic systems to operate at peak efficiency.
  6. Easy Integration: The compatibility and interchangeability of Harvard’s Hydraulic Replacement Filters make them easy to integrate into existing hydraulic systems without any modifications.

Applications: The many Hydraulic Replacement Filters that we represent find applications in various industries and hydraulic systems, including but not limited to:

  1. Industrial Machinery: Replace and upgrade existing filters in hydraulic systems used in manufacturing equipment, such as presses, machine tools, and material handling machines.
  2. Construction Equipment: Improve filtration performance in construction machinery, including excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and cranes, operating in rugged and dusty environments.
  3. Agricultural Machinery: Enhance filtration efficiency in agricultural equipment, such as tractors, combines, and harvesters, to ensure reliable operation during demanding farming operations.
  4. Mobile Hydraulics: Upgrade filters in mobile hydraulic systems, including dump trucks, garbage trucks, and forestry equipment, to protect vital components from wear and extend equipment life.
  5. Power Generation: Use replacement filters in hydraulic systems associated with power generation equipment, such as turbines, generators, and hydropower installations, for improved reliability and efficiency.