Signs Of A Malfunctioning Oil Filtration System

January 28, 2022

Signs Of A Malfunctioning Oil Filtration System A seemingly short minute often costs giant industries billions of dollars. A minute’s shut down may sound like a no big deal to an average individual, but seasoned industrialists understand its importance quite well. The case very well depicts the saying, “time is money.” Hence, industrialists try by all means to avoid any machinery downtime or worker idle hours. In this regard, it is crucial to understand what exactly causes machinery to malfunction. There are numerous technical factors that may distort the proper functioning of any machine. However, one crucial aspect that some industrialists often disregard is the appropriate functioning of the oil filtration system and other filter apparatus. Individuals mistakenly believe that as long as a machine is well-lubricated, there won’t be any problems with its smooth running. However, if the oil in question is not clean, the machine’s functionality will be significantly affected. That is, the oil used as fuel or for lubrication purposes often contains contaminants like debris. The latter may cause the engine or other parts of the machine to get clogged and become inefficient. As a result, industry owners incur unplanned downtime costs, machinery maintenance expenses, and massive revenue declines. Moreover, improper oil filtration systems may even reduce the service life of a machine to a great extent. Hence, it is essential that you ensure that your oil filtration systems are working properly and the oil being used is void of any pollutants. To help you accomplish this goal, we, as providers of premium quality portable filtration systems, will educate you regarding the alarming signs of a malfunctioning oil filtration system. The latter will not only save you from incurring losses but will also allow you to get your filtration system fixed on time.

Signs Of A Malfunctioning Oil Filtration System

Surprisingly, many industrialists do not realize that their filtration systems are causing severe damage to their machinery until the machine breaks down and stops working. In truth, one does not need to be an expert to understand that the system is not doing its job. Simply keeping an eye on apparent signs that show deviation from the normal condition of any machine will suffice. So let have a look at what you should look out for to identify a problem with your filtration system before it gets out of hand:

1. Deteriorating Performance

Every machine has a planned service or useful life over which it gradually depreciates. Industrialists often have these replacements scheduled in advance. They know that they will be replacing a machine in the next ten years. To stick to this time limit, they regularly request maintenance services. However, sometimes the machine or its engine may show unusual inefficiency. The problem is that inadequately filtered oil does more harm than good. In the case of lubrication, the debris in the oil may cause more friction and clogging rather than helping the machine run smoothly. On the other hand, contaminated oil used as fuel harms the engine and reduces its efficiency. Resultantly, the machine either invites significant repair costs or meets its demise before it reaches the end of its life expectancy. Thus, if a machine shows slight inconsistency in its performance, have the oil filtration system inspected.

2. Unusual Audible Noises

Noises are not a new thing for any industry. Hence, we cannot simply say that any noise coming out of a machine is a sign of a problem. However, there are certain types of noises that your machine should not be making. For example, if a machine emits sharp metallic or clicking sounds, then there is a problem. The former suggests that now there are too many pollutants accumulated in your oil filtration system, and you need to urgently replace it.

3. Weird Smells

Again, smells are a common thing in any factory. Frequently burning fuels and the work on raw materials emits a lot of odour. However, if your machine gives out unusual metallic odours, you might need a new filtration system. The impurities in oil that are not removed by the oil filtration system often result in disturbing smells.

4. Overheating Of The Machine

This is perhaps the biggest sign of an inefficient machine. While overheating may also result from other factors, a problem with the oil filtration system may also cause the machine to heat up quickly as inadequately filtered oil causes the machine to use more energy.

5. Dirty Smoke Emissions

This is the most obvious sign of a malfunctioning oil filtration system. If your machine or engine emits dirty black or grey smoke, you need to pay attention to the filtration system.

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