Steps To Manage The Cost Of Lubricant Filtration

November 11, 2021

Steps To Manage The Cost Of Lubricant Filtration Everything comes with a price tag. The same goes for removing dirt from oil. The price is high for large plants and fleets operating in dusty environments. We all know that contamination control is very crucial and that it can only be done with proper filtration. Lubrication filtration is important because if you need to protect your machines and increase their lifespan you will need to filter the lubricant you are using. We can opt for quality filtration by using a few different options to get the most cleanliness. This will give you the desired cleanliness and will save you money as well. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can achieve oil cleanliness at economical rates.

Stop The Ingress

Everyone knows that filters last longer when they don’t get clogged with particles. So the best way you can manage your cost of lubrication filtration is by tracing the particle’s ingressions path. By tracing the particle’s ingression pathway you will find out how the particles are getting into the lubricating fluid. Once you know from where the particles are entering you can block those entry points. After all, your lubricants should never contain any dirty particles in them. When you block all the entry points of the particles and stop the particle ingression you won’t have to filter your oil. Since the dust particles won’t be entering the oil, the cost of cleaning the dirt from oil will be reduced.

Select Economical Filters

Economic filtration and economic filters are two different concepts but are intertwined. The economic filtration system consists of operating conditions such as the filter location, flow density, use of multiple filters, and pressure, etc. Whereas the economic filter is related to concepts such as media type, filter size, and dirt holding capacity. Here are some conditions and factors that can improve the filter and filtration economy.

Oversized Filters

The lower the oil flow rate the better the filter economy. This is also referred to as flow density. So by doubling the size of the filter the capacity of dirt holding will be increased. Hence using an oversized filter will lower the rate of dirt particles in your oil and will also decrease the cost of filtration.

Warm Oil Filtration

You can increase the service life of your filters by arranging them upstream with a heat exchanger. The lower viscosity of the warm oil will make the oil flow easier through the filter media and will also reduce the time needed to reach the terminal’s pressure. As mentioned, warm oil also improves fluid filterability. However, there are a few drawbacks of exceedingly high temperatures such as premature oil oxidation

Series Filtration

You can improve the economy of your filtration by arranging them in series. By arranging the filters in a series by placing the expensive filter at the end, you will be able to protect the expensive filter from dust and dirt. By arranging them in series the oil will pass through the lower cost filters before reaching the final stage of the filter. What these low-cost filters will do is they will remove most of the dust and dirt from the oil and will allow the expensive filter to have a more extended life span.

Change The Filter On Time

Changing the filter at the right time is very important. As, changing a filter too early will waste valuable resources and changing it too late will put the oil and machinery in jeopardy. It has been seen that many times the cost of oil filtration increases ten times of the apparent cost of oil filtration if the filter is not changed on time. In addition to this, there are additional charges of labor, used filter disposal, scheduling, inventory, and oil top-off cost that increase if the filter is not changed on time. You can improve the timing of your filter change by using many technologies such as delta-P indicators, time-out alerts, and pressure rise profile monitoring. All these technologies will help you to change your filter on time. Apart from following the aforementioned steps, it is important that you buy your filtration from an authentic supplier. Otherwise, all of this will be of no good if the filtration you are using is not of good quality. Therefore, always buy your filtration products from professionals.

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