How Does Water Ingression Harm Hydraulic Filter Carts?

August 4, 2022

How Does Water Ingression Harm Hydraulic Filter Carts? Water contamination has been an issue in hydraulic filter carts since the day they were employed in industrial equipment. As a matter of fact, every fluid that has any type of temperature change or water as part of its operational process is susceptible to water and many other types of contamination in its system. Though hydraulic filter carts play an important role in protecting your equipment from damage, the effects of water ingression, if not dealt with on time, can be very damaging and can lead to expensive repairs. The best way to avoid water contamination in hydraulic filter carts is by buying them from certified industrial oil filter suppliers. Also Read: How To Reduce The Effects Of Contamination On Hydraulic Systems But the real challenge is to first understand realistically how dry your system should be as a standard and how you can keep the system within that specification. If you are able to master this, then you will never face water ingression issues in your hydraulic filter carts. In this blog post, we will talk in detail about how water ingression harms hydraulic filter carts.

The Main Problem

The ingression of moisture is unavoidable in any type of machine or equipment that uses lube oil or hydraulic. However, there are certain types of fluids that make it harder for the water to emulsify or dissolve into the system. But still, it is a big problem that needs to be dealt with on time. Otherwise, it will have the chance to cause ultimate degradation and irreversible damage to your system. Mitigating water ingression in your system from the start is believed to be significantly easier and results in lower costs as compared to repairing a system that has already been saturated or damaged. There are many additional challenges posed by the conditions, applications, and environment that make it more difficult for industrialists to deal with water contamination. If you want to protect your system, you will not only have to limit the effects of the water on the life cycle of your machine but also have to handle different forms of water in the oil, such as dissolved, free, and emulsified states. There are many filtration systems for different purposes, and there is no one filtration system that fits all applications. Water contamination can cause premature failure on the moving parts of your equipment, leading to lower productivity and consecutive failures. So by focusing on   control, you can protect your equipment from premature failure.

Different Form Of Water

Here are the different forms of water that are usually present in your equipment’s system:

Dissolved Moisture

Dissolved moisture is the lowest form of water contamination in lubricating oil. This type of moisture is derived from the ambient, air, and humidity solely interacting with the lubricating oil over time. Typically, the more additives the oil contains, the more hygroscopic the oil will become. However, this form of moisture does not greatly affect the viscosity or compressibility of the oil, but if not dealt with on time, it can spread within your system and cause serious damage to it.

Emulsified Moisture

If the equipment is left unchecked, the dissolved moisture will continue to increase within your system until it reaches a saturation point. At that point, any added water will precipitate out as emulsified micro droplets. These emulsified micro droplets are like the mayonnaise you put in your sandwich. This form of moisture is created by continuous heating, churning, and high pressurization of water into the oil. The saturation point of all lubricants and hydraulic filter carts is different.

Free Moisture

This is the type of moisture that is neither emulsified nor dissolved with the oil sample but remains in a separate and distinct liquid phase. Free moisture is never incorporated into the oil and usually originates from leaks and condensation. It is usually denser than oil. Therefore it settles to the bottom of most engines or just forms a thin film over the metal components of your equipment.

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