Signs Of A Worn-Out Oil Filter And What To Do About It

January 21, 2022

Signs Of A Worn-Out Oil Filter And What To Do About It Oil filtration systems are essential to keep your machines in excellent working condition throughout their life. They filter the oil before transferring it to the critical parts of the machines or engine. However, oil filters also have a limited working capacity, after which they need to be replaced. Harvard Filtration offers reliable and high-quality oil filtration systems and other similar products to meet your daily machine lubrication needs. As providers of top-of-the-line lubrication filtration systems, we cannot emphasize enough on keeping your machines’ filters in excellent condition and replacing them after a specific period. If you fail to replace your worn-out oil filters and continue to use the old ones, it can lead to the premature failure of the machine and some of its parts. Lubricants and oils can get contaminated, especially if you use a particular machine daily. These contaminants end up clogging the oil filters. This makes it compulsory for you to replace your oil filters. A worn-out filter can cause various issues for you resulting in expensive repair and replacement. If you are new to the lubrication industry and don’t know how a worn-out oil filter behaves, this blog post might help you. We mention the common signs of a damaged oil filter and what you can do about it. Also Read: Unintended Consequences You Can Face During An Oil Change

Machine Overheating

One of the common signs of a clogged oil filter is the machine overheating. The collected dirt and other particles clogs the oil filter, which doesn’t allow the oil to flow to the essential parts of the machine. Thus, it causes friction between the machine’s components which generates heat. If your machine overheats, check if there is an issue with its oil filter. If you think that it has been quite a while since you last replaced its oil filter, maybe it is time to change it.

There Are Sputtering Sounds

The function of the oil filter is to clean the oil before it travels to the critical parts of the engine or machine so that they can continue to work properly. If the oil filtration system is not in perfect condition and is worn out, contaminated oil will be delivered to those parts. As a result, the parts will suffer, and sputtering sounds will come out of the machine. This is one of the common signs of a worn-out oil filter of a machine or an engine and must not be ignored at any cost.

More Consumption

As oil filters age, they become dirty and clogged with particles. Moreover, their filtration capacity decreases with time, and thus, they can’t filter enough. This means that a large amount of lubricant will be rendered useless in the process. Either way, you have to spend your money to keep your machine’s lubrication level at an optimum level. If you notice that your machine is consuming more lubricant than before, there might be some issues with your oil filtration system. Moreover, more consumption leaves organic residue in the machines due to inefficient combustion. This leads to lubricant contamination which can affect your machine’s performance. Therefore, if your machine is consuming more lubricant, it is better to replace your oil filter. Also Read: The Complete Guide to Hydraulic Oil Filter

Mechanical Breakdowns

Another common symptom of a clogged and problematic oil filter is mechanical breakdowns. When the machine doesn’t get enough lubrication for its function, it leads to the inefficient running of other machine components. This may lead to the complete breakdown of the machine. A timely oil filter replacement can minimize such problems and downtimes.

The Exhaust Gets Dirty

Finally, a common sight in the case of a problematic oil filter is that the exhaust gets dirty. Smoke coming out of the tailpipe might be a sign that your oil filter is clogged. Moreover, the smell of burnt oil or lubricant will also give an indication of a clogged filter.

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